Liability w.r.t. JDA entered prior to GST

  • Category: sector specific
  • Date: 22-12-2018
  • Writers: Hema Muralidharan, Shilpi Jain


Joint development agreement (JDA) is an agreement entered between the landowner and the developer wherein the landowner would provide the right to the developer to develop the land, in return for construction services to be provided by the developer.The developer would be entitled for a share in the developed property(generally allotted through supplementary agreement (SA))in return for such construction services. Without getting into whether GST is liable or not on these...

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GST on Trading of Priority Security Lending Certificates (PSLC's) by Banks

  • Category: sector specific
  • Date: 31-05-2018
  • Writer: CA Ravi Kumar Somani


Priority Sector Lending Certificates (PSLCs) are tradable certificates issued against priority sector loans of banks so as to enable banks to achieve their specified target and sub-targets for priority sector lending through purchase of these instruments in the event of a shortfall and at the same time incentivizing the surplus banks to lend more to these sectors. It was first proposed by A.M. Godbole in his article "How to lend more to the poor" (Mint, 28 March 2007)....

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